All paid plans include a 14-day free trial.

Interested in our Academic / Nonprofit / Teacher discounts?


  • Unlimited private notebooks
  • Data & Secrets Management
  • Limited amount of concurrent compute resources
  • Entry level compute resources (Fair Use Policy)


starts at
including 5 editors
Additional editors are $99/month each
  • Everything included in Free
  • Unlimited amount of concurrent compute resources
  • High-performance compute resources
  • Custom shutdown timeouts for your notebooks
  • Automatic running of notebooks on a schedule
  • Includes ~$240/month of computational credits
  • Additional compute resources are billed per use


starts at
including 5 editors
Additional editors are $125/month each
  • Everything included in Team
  • Hosted or on-prem (AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Single Sign-On for your organization
  • Priority support via team-to-team Slack channel
  • Dedicated custom compute resources
  • Includes ~$400/month of computational credits
  • Internal publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use Nextjournal for free?

Yes! You can use Nextjournal for free within our Fair Use Policy.

In exchange, we also expect you to be fair and become a paid subscriber if you use Nextjournal for work.

What is Nextjournal’s Fair Use policy?

As of now, you can create as many private notebooks as you want and there are no hard limits on compute time and/or computational resources.

However, we keep the right to cancel any computation that we deem excessive, reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you need guaranteed, unlimited compute time you will need to sign up for a paid plan.

If you are trying to mine crypto under a Free plan, we will shut down your computation immediately. You can read more about other restricted purposes in our Usage Restriction policy.

How much computing is included in a paid plan?

If you subscribe to a paid plan, you get computational credits for up to 80% of the price. As an example, our Personal plan includes ~$40 of credits each month.

If you need more, you are free to use any amount you want, and you will be charged separately later for the additional usage.

However, if you only exceed your credits by a small amount and only occasionally throughout your subscription, we are not going to charge you at all.

How can I run Nextjournal on my own infrastructure/cloud?Enterprise-only

We will provide you with all necessary instructions on how to set up and run Nextjournal within your own infrastructure. Infrastructure updates will be distributed through updates of terraform modules. Updates to the application will be distributed via a Docker image that you can apply any time you want.

For the moment, running Nextjournal on-prem requires a separate contract and depending on your use case, additional setup charges may apply. Get in touch for more details.

How does Single Sign-On work?Enterprise-only

You configure the Nextjournal application in your Identity Management System (like Azure Active Directory) and register your domain on From that moment on, any user that signs up/logs in with that domain will be forced to authenticate using OAuth with your provider, where you can use your company policies to authorize, or not, that particular user.

How does internal Publishing work?Enterprise-only

Upon request, we can enable internal publishing for Enterprise customers. When enabled, you can select from your notebook’s publish dialog wether everyone or just your group’s members will be able to see the published version.

Do you offer HIPAA compliance?

You may be able to comply with HIPAA guidelines if you choose our on-prem solution. For example, AWS provides a reference architecture to support HIPAA compliance programs.

Can I use my own compute credits?Enterprise-only

Yes, if you have an Enterprise plan that’s hosted on In case of running Nextjournal in your own cloud, there’s no other way but to use your own compute resources.

How does priority support work?Enterprise-only

We will invite you to a team-to-team Slack channel. Priority support is included within the monthly costs and we will answer your support requests within 24 hours during the week.