A Redesigned Dashboard

To make it easier to find what you need

Ever found yourself looking for that one notebook amidst a sea of tiles but you can’t just find it? We found ourselves in that spot all the time. That’s why we redesigned our dashboard to show more of what’s relevant and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Read on to learn more.

A Sea of Tiles

Since early on, our dashboard was a grid of tiles, each one a graphical preview of the notebook’s content. While the tiles are nice to look at, they take up a lot of space. This is fine on your profile page where you want to present your notebooks in an interesting, appealing way. On the dashboard however, we found the following things to be more important:

  • See a lot of notebooks at once,

  • see more of the most recently edited notebooks immediately,

  • find notebooks based on criteria (e.g. oldest, most recently published, etc),

  • and, finally, search for a title.

A Better Way

Based on that, we decided the dashboard is best presented as a searchable, sortable table. Along with the redesign we added some keyboard shortcuts to make finding and navigating the table fast. Press / to focus the search input and use the arrow keys to navigate up or down. Finally, press Enter to edit the notebook.

You can sort the table by clicking the column headers. The actions menu to the right gives you additional actions like viewing the latest version or archiving the notebook.

Your archived notebooks show up when you select Archived from the Show switch at the left top of the the table. You can also restore archived notebooks by choosing Restore from the Actions popup.

We think this improved much compared to the previous version and stay tuned for more upcoming changes around organizing notebooks.

Let us know what you think!